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CURRENTLY MY WEBSITE IS BEING UPDATED! Please check back for changes and new work in near future!

This site is dedicated to my artistic explorations, with a focus on my one of a kind wearable art pieces, but also a cross section of my other explorations and interests, both past and present, as my love of
diverse materials and techniques continues to evolve beyond my day to day world of jewellery creation.

My artistic career, primarily working in the decorative and jewellery arts, began with my studies at the Ontario College of Art & Design where I graduated in 1998 from their Interdisciplinary and Material Arts and Design programs. Since 2010 I have been a full time jewellery artist, creating unique production work for boutique and design stores, as well as one of a kind art wearable art pieces and collections for galleries and exhibitions. For a range of my production work please see

My language is the language of objects. Sometimes wearable, sometimes not, I create and speak through these objects. My pieces carry forward my story, and this story telling aspect of objects has always had a strong influence in my work. I combine a disciplined technical expertise with a joyful sense of play, juxtaposing and contrasting forms, surfaces, and materials. I blend organic elements with geometric shapes, textures and surfaces in metals, paints, ceramics, and mixed media, historic detail with modern designs, and bold shapes and forms with delicately sketched lines – whether on canvas or in precious metals.

For information about buying or commissioning work please contact me directly:

I'd like to thank Ontario Arts Council for continuing support over the years and the International & National Residency Grant in 2015!