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Born in Riga, Latvia in 1975, Elizabete Ludviks developed her perception and love for art while growing up in a community of artists, designers and political activists.


In her teens, together with her family she moved to Canada where she began her arts education at arts high schools in Toronto (ESA) and Ottawa (Canterbury) She began studying at OCAD in Interdisciplinary studies in 1994 and graduated with honors from the Ontario College of Art and Design in ceramics and jewellery in 1998. During her studies she began developing her style of portraying a precious lightness in her pieces made from metal and stones and other other found objects. She continues to play and experiment with contrasts in her designs, creating wearable 3D jewellery that strikes a balance between geometric and organic, fragile and strong, precious and non-precious, traditional and playful.


Elizabete’s pieces are enjoyed not only because they display her unique imagination but they also give the wearer the opportunity to use their imagination in wearing them. Ordinary stones cast in silver boxes are turned precious. Simple, linear three-dimensional cubes are strung into a playful long necklace that can be hung like a scarf on the body.


Today, Elizabete Ludviks lives and works in her studio in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband and two kids. Her cultural roots and past and present studies of Scandinavian and Baltic design continue to influence her work. In addition to using organic themes, she often re-interprets traditional ancient Baltic & Ugric jewellery design elements in her work.


Elizabete Ludviks’ jewellery can be seen and purchased at stores and galleries in major cities across Canada, USA, Italy, Spain and Latvia.