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Born in Riga, Latvia in 1975, I developed my perception and love for art while growing up in a community of artists, designers and political activists. My Northern European roots and studies of Scandinavian and Baltic design over the years have left a strong influence on my work. My artwork is inspired by the textures and patterns of nature as well as by stories, words and poetry. In addition to using organic themes, I re-interpret traditional and ancient Baltic & Ugric jewellery and

decorative shapes and pagan symbols, bringing the past into present in a new interpretation. I use spatial geometry and the interplay of forms and surface textures. My philosophy is to present the inherent beauty in shapes, forms, and materials. My wearable pieces strike a balance between the geometric and organic, fragile and strong, precious and ordinary, traditional and modern. The original art pieces I create can often be worn on the body or displayed as sculptural objects; I love the fluidity of the two options.

When creating wearable work, I design it so that the user contributes to the work by imagining wearing a piece in a new way – wearing a long box necklace hung like a scarf for example. The relationship between wearer and jewellery is a component that I keep in mind in my designs.

My education includes Interdisciplinary studies at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in 1994. I graduated with honours from OCAD in Material Art and Design, with a focus in sculptural ceramics and metal in 1998.

My sculptural work has been exhibited in national and international juried exhibitions over the years and my jewellery designs can be seen and purchased at galleries and shops in cities across Canada, the USA, Italy, Spain, and Latvia, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Guild Shop (both Toronto), National Gallery of Art (Ottawa), MOMA (New York) and sfMOMA (San Francisco), and the National Gallery of Art (Washington DC).

I work from my home studio in Hamilton, Ontario, where I live with my husband and two children.